Firefox 3

To do list

Here are some things I’m planning to work on around here:

  • Entries for Fray
  • Entries for IDW Angel and Spike comics
    • Angel: The Curse
    • Spike: Old Times
    • Angel: Old Friends
    • Spike: Old Wounds
    • Spike vs. Dracula
    • Spike: Lost and Found
    • Angel: Spotlight
    • Spike: Asylum
    • Angel: Masks
    • Angel: Auld Lang Syne
    • Spike: Shadow Puppets
    • Angel: After the Fall #1-5
    • Angel: After the Fall #6-8: First Night
    • Angel: After the Fall #9-12
    • Angel: After the Fall #13-17
    • Angel #18-22: Aftermath
    • Angel #23-…
    • Spike: After the Fall
    • Angel: Smile Time
    • Angel: Blood and Trenches
  • Entries for Tales of the Vampires stories
    • Timeline placements for Tales of the Vampires stories
  • Entries for Firefly comics from Dark Horse (yeah, yeah … maybe not part of Buffyverse per se, but I can cheat a little!)
  • Shipping schedule of upcoming releases
  • Links to other cool Buffyverse websites, particularly those with good comics/books content
  • Functionality for visitor ratings & reviews of titles
  • Research and entries for Buffy & Angel novels
  • Research and entries for non-fiction Buffy & Angel books (e.g., Watcher’s Guides, Panel to Panel, etc.)

If you have any suggestions for features that you’d like to see, please contact me.