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Dark Horse Comics

Publisher of the original line of Buffy comics and the current Season 8 official continuation.  Also released the first Angel comics, as well as a few Firefly/Serenity stories.

IDW Publishing

Publishes the current line of Angel and Spike comics, including the official post-Season 5 story After the Fall.


Up-to-the-second crowd-sourced web log. Find links to the latest news about every Joss Whedon-related project, and similarly for anyone who’s ever been involved with a Whedonverse property! Stories fall off the main page quickly, so it’s worth visiting daily. But be warned about reading long comment threads: the white-text-on-black-background is murder on the eyes!


A very active fan forum discussing all things Whedonverse!  Besides thorough threads on the newest comic releases, you can find topics covering the TV series, collectibles, interactive games, and many more.

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