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Back Online

While migrating to a new server with some upgraded functionality, the site may have been unreachable for the past couple of days. Everything seems to be sorted out now, so hopefully you can read this post! It feels like deja vu to say this, but it’s been busy these past few months! I’m hoping to [...]

Catching Up, Part I : Shipping Schedule

It’s been a hectic couple of months around here! Hopefully you’ve been following the Twitter feed to get the latest news, because I haven’t been able to find time to make actual posts/updates. I’m still in the middle of catching up, but at least in terms of data entry I think the Shipping Schedule is [...]

New Twitter Widget

I’ve installed a new Twitter plug-in for the site, which you should see over on the right hand side. Called Twitter Blender, it has a nicer visual look than the basic widget I was using before, mainly because it does a much better job of parsing up tweets when looking for links, usernames, and hashtags. [...]

A Note on Twilight Spoilers

I know there are some readers out there who still don’t know who Twilight is in the Buffy: Season 8 comics. Up until now I’ve followed Dark Horse’s lead (besides their unfortunate, accidental spoiling!) and posted modified covers that protect that identity. Now, a couple of months after his unmasking in issue #34, and with [...]

Timeline Updates for Some Early Buffy Stories

I’ve made some updates on the Timeline to the following stories: MacGuffins: I meant to put this in the Season 2 timeframe of Buffy, but mistakenly had it in Season 3. Re-reading the intro to Omnibus 2, I see that editor Scott Allie places this immediately after Season 1. My convention for stories that take [...]

Excuse the Glitches

As I prepare to make some updates around here, I’m taking the opportunity to upgrade a few things behind the scenes. Hopefully I don’t break too much with my tinkering, but the occasional hiccup may occur! This also serves as a test for posting from my BlackBerry.

Happy New Year!

It’s been a crazy couple of months in the offline world: my fiance and I have been preoccupied with purchasing and moving into a new home, which was on top of a busy work schedule and of course the chaotic holiday season! Phew! I have lots of catching up to do around here and hope [...]

New Timeline Entries

I’ve had entries for the stories in the Tales of the Slayers comic trade paperback for a while, but I didn’t get around to actually placing them properly in the Timeline … until now! Some are just in general eras, while others are based on specific dates or events mentioned in the story. Here’s what [...]

News on the Go

This probably won’t be of much relevance to most of you, but this is a test post using the new WordPress app for BlackBerry! It’s good to know that if I ever have a pressing need to post some news and I’m not at a computer then I have this option. I suppose that if [...]

Progress Made on Adding Angel: After the Fall

It’s been on my to-do list for a while now, and I really should have gotten around to it earlier, but I’ve finally made some progress on entries for Angel: After the Fall! The process took a bit of a detour as I updated some of the programming/scripts I use for maintenance around here — [...]