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(Major Spoilers) Dark Horse Screws Up, Reveals Twilight’s Identidy

Dont’ click on any links if you don’t want to be spoiled as to Twilight’s identity. As reported by Buffyfest, the release of Buffy: Season 8 #34′s covers was a mistake! In the wake of that (but not discussing the screw up), editor Scott Allie talks to Comic Book Resources about keeping the secret for [...]

Comic-Con Roundup

There were two main sources of info for Buffyverse comics at last week’s Comic-Con: the general Dark Horse panel, and IDW’s one specific to their Angel titles. For a recap of Dark Horse’s, which includes some mentions of Buffy books plus some other Joss Whedon projects, check out Comic Book Resources, Newsarama, and Comics Continuum. [...]

David Messina Interview at Buffyverse Comic Reviews

I’m working on a summary of the news out of Comic-Con from last week, but in the meantime be sure to check out this great interview with David Messina over at Buffyverse Comic Reviews. David has been the artist on a number of Angel titles over the years, and we can look forward to much [...]

Buffyfest Interview with Peter David

Buffyfest has posted this interview with Fallen Angel: Reborn writer Peter David, asking him a few questions about the upcoming series that sees Illyria cross over into his Fallen Angel universe.

Newsarama Speaks with John Byrne

Newsarama has posted this interview with Angel: Blood and Trenches writer/artist John Byrne. Not only are there some interesting details behind the current series, but John also mentions some other Angel-related projects: an Angel/Angelus story slated for Halloween, and possibly something with Spike.

Link to Q&A with Georges Jeanty

Buffy: Season 8 artist Georges Jeanty has taken some time to participate in a Q&A with members of the Slay Alive forums. Check it out here.

Link to Interview with Franco Urru

Click on over to The Comic Book Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer for an interview with artist Franco Urro. They touch on his beginnings in the industry, his recently completed work on Angel: After the Fall, and what the future has in store.