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Buffy, Angel and Spike Comics This Week!

It’s a relatively busy week in the world of Buffyverse comics. Obviously the big news is that the final arc of Buffy: Season 8, called Last Gleaming and written by Joss Whedon himself, will finally be kicking off! Here are the details for this week’s releases: Buffy: Season 8 #36. See a preview here. The [...]

Angel #34 Released This Week

Arriving in stores tomorrow is Angel #34. For a 6-page preview, check over at Comics Continuum. In the Angel family “like father, like son” takes on a whole new meaning. With prophecies practically falling from the sky, Connor and Angel must figure out how to work together without getting back into bad habits. Meanwhile, Illyria’s [...]

Released Last Week: Angel #33

Better late than never, here’s a reminder that last week saw the release of Angel #33. This kicks off a new arc in writer Bill Willingham’s run, and he’s now joined by artist Elena Casagrande. If Amazon is to be believed about the title of the hardcover that eventually collects these issues, it’s called The [...]

Recent Angel Releases: Barbary Coast #1 and A Hole in the World #5

A couple of Angel titles have been released in the past weeks: Angel : Barbary Coast #1 on April 14th and Angel : A Hole in the World #5 on April 21st. Previews can be found here and here, respectively. Descriptions and cover art are below. A recently souled Angel is on a quest for [...]

Buffy: Season 8 #34 Arrives this Week

On Wednesday, Buffy: Season 8 #34 will be released. For a brief preview, check out Newsarama. Note: the thumbnails below link to larger images which spoil Twilight’s identity (in case you haven’t heard!). Twilight has been unmasked. Buildings fall, oceans churn, and the earth moves as titans come together in a bizarre twist! Buffy: Season [...]

Angel #31 Released This Week

Arriving in stores tomorrow is Angel #31! Comics Continuum has posted a 5-page preview at this link. While Connor tries to get his devoted army of demon soldiers under control, a new player steps up, and Illyria decides not to take Angel’s continued absence lying down. Meanwhile, Eddie Hope finds out that being a force [...]

Angel: A Hole in the World #4 Released This Week

The penultimate issue in the adaptation of the classic Angel episodes A Hole in the World and Shells arrives this week with Angel : A Hole in the World #4: After recovering her full powers, Illyria sets out to reclaim her position as ruler of the world, seeking her vast army that exists between our [...]

Spike: The Devil You Know Announced

A few days ago, IDW editor Chris Ryall announced a new miniseries starring Spike. It will be written by Bill Williams, who’s writing the backup stories in the current Angel ongoing title, with art by Chris Cross. Check out Ryall’s Blog to see some preview artwork. Below is the cover for the first issue, by [...]

Previews for This Week’s Releases

Newsarama has posted it’s own preview for Buffy: Season 8 #29, which includes a couple of additional pages not seen in Dark Horse’s preview. For IDW releases, editor Chris Ryall has linked to previews for Angel #26 and Fallen Angel: Reborn #4 on his blog; check them out here and here, respectively.

Preview Pages for Angel #28

Editor Chris Ryall has posted a couple of pages of artwork from Angel #28. Check out the good-looking work from artist Brian Denham here.