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IDW Press Release About Angel Title Moving Back to Dark Horse

IDW’s Final Angel Story Arc to Bring in New Creators, Old Nemesis Thursday, Aug 19th, 2010 Wolfram & Hart Return IDW and Dark Horse Series Converge IDW Publishing today confirmed that it will launch the company’s final ANGEL story arc in November. IDW has published ANGEL comics since 2005, and this closing six-issue arc will [...]

Angel Volume 6 Hardcover Now Available

I forgot to mention that this week saw the release of Angel, Volume 6 : Last Angel in Hell, a hardcover collection of the following issues: Angel #23 : Become What You Are Angel #24-25 : Drusilla Angel #26-27 : Boys and Their Toys Angel Annual #1 : Last Angel in Hell Here’s the summary [...]

IDW Comics for May 2010

This is sorta out of the order I was planning, but it’s hot off the presses! Here are IDW’s Angel books to look forward to in May: Angel #33 : Immortality for Dummies #6 Now that Angel is back in the fold, Connor must readjust to life as the Chosen One’s son. Luckily, he has [...]

Previews for This Week’s Releases

Newsarama has posted it’s own preview for Buffy: Season 8 #29, which includes a couple of additional pages not seen in Dark Horse’s preview. For IDW releases, editor Chris Ryall has linked to previews for Angel #26 and Fallen Angel: Reborn #4 on his blog; check them out here and here, respectively.

New Releases for This Week

We’ve got quite a full week with four titles hitting stores on Wednesday: Buffy: Season 8 #29: Retreat #4 Oz’s temple in the Tibetan mountains is no longer a safe retreat for Buffy and her troops. Discovered by Twilight’s magical agent, Amy, and bereft of their own magic, the army is preparing for a human [...]

Angel Comics for December

Comics Continuum posted the solicitation info for IDW’s December releases, and it will be an exciting month for Angel comics! Angel #28 : The Crown Prince Syndrome #1 An all-new adventure begins as Eisner-winning writer Bill Willingham (Fables) takes Angel down some pretty twisted roads as the group’s (and its leader’s) fame starts causing tension [...]

Preview for Angel #25

Comics Continuum has posted a five-page preview for Angel #25, which you can check out here.

Angel #25 to be Released This Week

The second and concluding issue of the Drusilla two-parter from the team of Juliet Landau, Brian Lynch, and Franco Urru will be released this week in Angel #25: Juliet Landau continues her two-part Angel adventure that returns Drusilla to the fold in a bloody big way! Laundau, Lynch and Urru conclude Dru’s adventure inside a [...]

November Solicitations

These Buffy and Angel solicitations have been out for a few weeks now, but I’m only just catching up! Here’s what we have to look forward to in a few months: Buffy: Season 8 #30, shipping November 4th, and concluding the Retreat arc The war between Twilight’s minions and Buffy’s army rages in the Tibetan [...]

New Releases This Week — There Are Many!

This will be a busy week for the Buffyverse comic collector. First up, from Dark Horse is the second issue of the Retreat arc in Buffy: Season 8 #27. Slayers are out. Vampires are in. Mysterious big bad Twilight has just become a bigger bad — he can zero in on Team Buffy and her [...]