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Jo Chen’s Cover for Buffy: Season 8 #37

Courtesy of Comics Alliance, here’s a look at Jo Chen’s cover for Buffy: Season 8 #37, due out in October: Buffy: Season 8 #37(Jo Chen)

IDW Angel Comics for September

Catching up a bit, last week Comics Continuum posted details about IDW comics due in September. What’s interesting is that they included specific shipping dates, which is unusual for IDW; we’ll see if these turn out to be accurate! September 1st: Angel : Barbary Coast trade paperback. Based on earlier info from Amazon, this wasn’t [...]

Buffy #1 for $1

Later this year, Dark Horse will be offering a number of #1 reprints for the low, low price of $1. On September 8th, this “One for One” promotion will include Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1, the first issue of the original Buffy ongoing series. Buffy Summers is not like other girls. She’s been chosen to [...]

Angel #34 Released This Week

Arriving in stores tomorrow is Angel #34. For a 6-page preview, check over at Comics Continuum. In the Angel family “like father, like son” takes on a whole new meaning. With prophecies practically falling from the sky, Connor and Angel must figure out how to work together without getting back into bad habits. Meanwhile, Illyria’s [...]

Angel: Barbary Coast #3 and Spike: The Devil You Know #1 Arrive this Week

One miniseries concludes while another begins this week. Angel : Barbary Coast #3 Earthquakes. Dragons. Angel. Everything comes to a shattering conclusion as Angel’s attempt to “cure” his newfound soul comes crashing down along with the rest of San Francisco. Plus, an old enemy shows just how long they’ve been watching him. Did we mention [...]

What’s Your Reading Order?

I’ve been meaning to write up a section for “About Buffy comics” ever since I started this site. Maybe once I get around to it I can finally remove the “beta” label from around here. When I do, one point I’d like to address is, “what is a sensible reading order for all these comics?” [...]