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Solicitation Info for Buffy: Season 8: Riley

Thanks to MTV Splash Page and Comic Book Resources, we have solicitation info for the Buffy: Season 8 : Riley one-shot. This book arrives on August 18th, to help tide us over during the four-month wait between issues #35 and #36. Acclaimed Buffy television writer Jane Espenson (Buffy: Tales of the Vampires, Battlestar Galactica) is [...]

IDW Solicitations for July 2010

I’m a little behind in posting this (but you may have caught the mention on the Twitter feed!), but here are IDW’s solicitations for Angelverse titles in July: Angel #35 Sometimes being a “chosen” one really sucks. Which is something Connor is about to find out when his little band of merry demon warrior women [...]

Angel #32 Arrives This Week

Arriving in stores this week is Angel #32: As more vampires start running around Hollywood, Connor and crew must figure out a way to stop the carnage and deal with his little merry band of demon girls. Meanwhile, Angel has it out with his captors, before learning that things really can get weirder than he [...]

Recent Angel Releases: Barbary Coast #1 and A Hole in the World #5

A couple of Angel titles have been released in the past weeks: Angel : Barbary Coast #1 on April 14th and Angel : A Hole in the World #5 on April 21st. Previews can be found here and here, respectively. Descriptions and cover art are below. A recently souled Angel is on a quest for [...]

Buffy: Season 8 #34 Arrives this Week

On Wednesday, Buffy: Season 8 #34 will be released. For a brief preview, check out Newsarama. Note: the thumbnails below link to larger images which spoil Twilight’s identity (in case you haven’t heard!). Twilight has been unmasked. Buildings fall, oceans churn, and the earth moves as titans come together in a bizarre twist! Buffy: Season [...]