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Solicitations for Two IDW Angel Collections

Entries have shown up on Amazon for the next Angel hardcover, collecting issues #28-33, and for the Angel: A Hole in the World trade paperback. They are due to arrive in July and August, respectively; see the links here and here. Note that the first is sporting “The Crown Prince Syndrome” as its title, although [...]

Spike: The Devil You Know Announced

A few days ago, IDW editor Chris Ryall announced a new miniseries starring Spike. It will be written by Bill Williams, who’s writing the backup stories in the current Angel ongoing title, with art by Chris Cross. Check out Ryall’s Blog to see some preview artwork. Below is the cover for the first issue, by [...]

Timeline Updates for Some Early Buffy Stories

I’ve made some updates on the Timeline to the following stories: MacGuffins: I meant to put this in the Season 2 timeframe of Buffy, but mistakenly had it in Season 3. Re-reading the intro to Omnibus 2, I see that editor Scott Allie places this immediately after Season 1. My convention for stories that take [...]

Comics for April

April 7th brings us Buffy: Season 8#34 and sometime during the month we get a few Angel titles from IDW: Buffy: Season 8 #34 Twilight has been unmasked. Buildings fall, oceans churn, and the earth moves as titans come together in a bizarre twist! Buffy: Season 8 #34(Jo Chen) Buffy: Season 8 #34(Georges Jeanty) Angel [...]

Comics for March

Here’s the lineup for Buffy and Angel comics in March. While Buffy: Season 8 #33 and the Retreat trade paperback are scheduled to ship on March 3rd, the IDW Angel titles don’t have known dates yet. Buffy: Season 8 #33: Twilight #2 Acclaimed novelist and comics writer Brad Meltzer (The Book of Lies, Identity Crisis) [...]

IDW Comics for May 2010

This is sorta out of the order I was planning, but it’s hot off the presses! Here are IDW’s Angel books to look forward to in May: Angel #33 : Immortality for Dummies #6 Now that Angel is back in the fold, Connor must readjust to life as the Chosen One’s son. Luckily, he has [...]

Comics for February

I think I’ll catch up month-by-month for recent and upcoming releases: first up is February, which has already seen a few titles come our way … Buffy Season 8 #32 : Twilight #1 – released February 3rd Faster than a speeding — you know. More powerful than a — yeah, one of those. Able to [...]

Excuse the Glitches

As I prepare to make some updates around here, I’m taking the opportunity to upgrade a few things behind the scenes. Hopefully I don’t break too much with my tinkering, but the occasional hiccup may occur! This also serves as a test for posting from my BlackBerry.