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New Buffy: Season 8 and Angel Releases This Week

There are a few titles arriving in stores and online this week: Buffy: Season 8 #26 kicks off the Retreat arc, which will see the return of Oz! Team Buffy has become all about sneaky in a world where Slayers are now feared and hated, and vampires would rank at the top of a popularity [...]

Buffyfest Interview with Peter David

Buffyfest has posted this interview with Fallen Angel: Reborn writer Peter David, asking him a few questions about the upcoming series that sees Illyria cross over into his Fallen Angel universe.

Nick Runge Variant Covers for Fallen Angel: Reborn #2-3

Editor Chris Ryall updated his blog yesterday to show off Nick Runge’s variant covers for Fallen Angel: Reborn #2 and Fallen Angel: Reborn #3: Fallen Angel: Reborn #2(Nick Runge) Fallen Angel: Reborn #3(Nick Runge)

Preview for Angel #23

For a five-page preview of Angel #23 (featuring the return of the dynamic Brian Lynch-Franco Urro duo!), head on over to Comics Continuum here. This issue will be arriving in stores next week.

IDW’s Angel-Related Titles for September

A couple of days ago, Comics Continuum posted IDW’s solicitation info for September. Here’s what to look forward to when it comes to Angel titles (including two trade collections I’ve previously reported on): Angel #25 Juliet Landau continues her two-part Angel adventure that returns Drusilla to the fold in a bloody big way! Laundau, Lynch [...]

Preview for Buffy: Season 8 #26

Dark Horse has posted a small, 2+ page preview of Buffy: Season 8 #26, which kicks off the five-part Retreat arc. This issue is scheduled to arrive July 1st.

Aftermath Concludes This Week in Angel #22

On Wednesday, Angel #22: Aftermath #5 will be arriving in stores, concluding the follow-up story to After the Fall. Here’s the summary and cover art: The fallout from the Fall has left Angel beset by problems both mortal and from Above, and it all comes to a head here. Angel and the Potentates face one [...]

Preview for Angel #22

Angel #22, the fifth and final issue of the Aftermath arc will be arriving in stores next week. In advance of that, Comics Continuum has posted a five-page preview.

Angel: Blood and Trenches Concludes This Week

This week sees the release of Angel: Blood and Trenches #4, which wraps up the Angel-during-WWI story by John Byrne. Here’s the summary: The concluding issue of John Byrne’s Angel WWI epic! Half a mile above the blood soaked battlefields of France, Angel must face an ancient and terrible evil, while the fate of an [...]

Solicitation Info for Buffy: Season 8 #28

On Friday, Comics Continuum posted Dark Horse’s solicitation info for September 2009 titles. Arriving on the 2nd of the month will be Buffy: Season 8 #28: Retreat #3: This month revisit Team Buffy and her army of Slayers at Oz’s temple in the mountains of Tibet. Among the yaks, the Slayers and Wiccan troops attempt [...]