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New Preview for Buffy: Tales of the Vampires

Newsarama has posted a five-page preview for Buffy: Season 8: Tales of the Vampires, which shows us more than the earlier look from Comics Continuum. This issue will be arriving in stores next week.

IDW’s August Angel Solicitations

Yesterday, Comics Continuum posted solicitation info for IDW’s August releases, which includes a number of Angel titles. Here’s the rundown: Angel #24 “Drusilla” herself, Juliet Landau, enters the comics Whedonverse by co-writing alongside Brian Lynch a special two-parter that brings Drusilla into the After the Fall universe. As an added bonus, each issue will feature [...]

Preview for Angel: Not Fade Away #2

Today, Comics Continuum posted a six-page preview for Angel: Not Fade Away #2. This issue will be arriving next week.

Angel #21 and Buffy Omnibus #7 Arrive This Week

The Aftermath arc continues this week with the release of Angel #21. Here’s the summary: The aftermath of the city’s return from hell continues to plague Angel, leading to a confrontation with the Powers-That-Be and some winged visitors from beyond the pale, even as Connor and Gwen face off with Dez. Angel #21: Aftermath #4 [...]

Preview for Angel #21

A five-page preview for Angel #21: Aftermath #4 has been posted by Comics Continuum. This issue arrives in stores next week.

Preview for Buffy: Tales of the Vampires

Comics Continuum has posted a short two-page preview of Buffy: Season 8: Tales of the Vampires, which is nice and early before this issue’s June 3rd publication date.

Details About Angel: Only Human #1

An observant poster at SlayAlive noticed that information about Angel: Only Human #1 has popped up in IDW’s online catalog. Here’s the description: Spinning out of the events of Angel #23, Gunn and Illyria embark on their very own four-part miniseries. Fully restored in body if not in mind, Illyria—infected with humanity—and Gunn—infected with darkness—hit [...]

Angel: Not Fade Away #1 and Buffy: Season 8: Time of Your Life TPB Available This Week

This week will see the release of Angel: Not Fade Away #1, which kicks off the three-part adaptation of the TV series’ finale by writer Scott Tipton and artist Stephen Mooney. Before Angel: After the Fall, there was Not Fade Away. The final episode of Joss Whedon’s Angel television series is being adapted in a [...]

Progress Made on Adding Angel: After the Fall

It’s been on my to-do list for a while now, and I really should have gotten around to it earlier, but I’ve finally made some progress on entries for Angel: After the Fall! The process took a bit of a detour as I updated some of the programming/scripts I use for maintenance around here — [...]

Solicitation Info for Buffy: Season 8 #27

Comics Continuum posted info for Dark Horse’s August releases today, which includes Buffy: Season 8 #27: Retreat #2 shipping on August 5th. Here’s the summary and cover art: Slayers are out. Vampires are in. Mysterious big bad Twilight has just become a bigger bad — he can zero in on Team Buffy and her army [...]