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Preview for Buffy: Season 8 #25

Yesterday, Newsarama put up this 5-page preview for Buffy: Season 8 #25, which is expected in stores next Wednesday, May 6th.

IDW Solicitation Info for July 2009 Titles

On Monday, Comics Continuum posted IDW’s July solicitation info. Here are descriptions for the Angel titles: Angel #23: Become What You Are Since returning from Hell, Gunn has lain incapacitated, near death. Looking over him is Illyria, torn by a need to make him pay for his crimes and a compulsion to protect him. But [...]

Shipping Dates for IDW’s Angel Titles in May

The IDW Newsletter hit inboxes this past weekend and listed the following release dates for these previously announced May titles: May 6th – Angel: Blood and Trenches #3 May 13th – Angel: Not Fade Away #1 May 20th – Angel #21: Aftermath #4 The shipping schedule now reflects this updated info.

More IDW Collections: Aftermath HC and Spike Omnibus

A couple more IDW titles can be found on Amazon, due out later this year. First up, the post-After the Fall storyline Aftermath gets the hardcover treatment in September. The entry at Amazon has the following info: Springing out of Joss Whedon’s Angel: After the Fall story line, novelist Kelley Armstrong (The Summoning) comes aboard [...]

Early Info for Blood and Trenches and Not Fade Away Trade Paperbacks

Amazon has posted some info for a couple of upcoming Angel trade paperbacks. For the Angel: Blood and Trenches series, it appears the collection will arrive at the end of September. This entry at Amazon lists a date of September 29, 2009 … so for comic book stores that would translate into the 30th, which [...]

Angel #20: Aftermath #3 Released This Week

This Wednesday will see the release of Angel #20: Aftermath #3. Here’s the summary: Angel’s attempts to return to normal have been upended by the cat-changer Dez. But who is she, and where does she come from? Find out here, even as a larger question — namely, who is Angel’s angelic visitor from beyond, and [...]

Preview for Angel #20

Comics Continuum posted a 5-page preview for Angel #20: Aftermath #3, which is due in stores next week.

Angel: Smile Time #3 Released This Week … ?

This Wednesday is supposed to see the release of Angel: Smile Time #3, but it appears that a problem with distributor Diamond Comics may prevent or delay IDW titles from arriving in stores. So you might want to call ahead to see if this book came in or not. Here’s the very brief summary of [...]

Preview for Angel: Smile Time #3

Comics Continuum has posted a five-page preview of Angel: Smile Time #3, which concludes the adaptation of the TV episode. This issue arrives in stores next week, on April 15th.

User Accounts and Preventing Spam

Comment spam is one of the scourges of blogging: automated bots that scour the web for blogs they can post comments to, within which they insert links to unsavory and oftentimes harmful web sites. One way to prevent this is to require that only registered users may post comments; unfortunately, this doesn’t promote hassle-free interaction [...]