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Buffy: Season 8 #24 and Angel: Blood and Trenches #2 Arrive This Week

This Wednesday sees the release of two Buffyverse comics: Buffy: Season 8 #24: Safe and Angel: Blood and Trenches #2. Here are the respective summaries and covert art … Buffy: Season 8 #24: In an amazing one-shot issue, the esteemed Jim Krueger — whose works include Avengers/Invaders, Earth X, Justice, and multiple original series — [...]

Previews for Buffy: Season 8 #24 and Angel: Blood and Trenches #2

Dark Horse has a very brief preview posted on their site for Buffy: Season 8 #24. Meanwhile, over at Comics Continuum they have put up a 5-page preview for Angel: Blood and Trenches #2. Both titles should be arriving next week, which I’ll be able to confirm this weekend.

IDW Solicitation Info for June 2009 Titles

Over at Comics Continuum today is a post about IDW’s publishing plans for June. Here’s what to expect in terms of Angel books: Angel #22: Aftermath #5 The fallout from the Fall has left Angel beset by problems both mortal and from Above, and it all comes to a head here. Angel and the Potentates [...]

Confirmed Content of Buffy Omnibus Volume 7

The “Look Inside!” feature for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus, Volume 7 is now up at Amazon. The table of contents confirms the following stories, in this apparent chronological order: Buffy #39 : Night of a Thousand Vampires Buffy #40-42 : Ugly Little Monsters Chaos Bleeds Lost & Found Spike in Rock n Roll All [...]

Shipping List Now Available!

If you’re looking for a convenient list of upcoming Buffyverse titles, then be sure to check out the newest feature added to the site: the Shipping Schedule. For each entry it shows cover art and a few key details, as well as a link to further info. The page also displays recently released items, from [...]

Summary for Angel: After the Fall, Volume 4

The solicitation description for the fourth, and final, hardcover collection of Angel: After the Fall has shown up on a few sites, including and It looks like this book will arrive in July, and the Canadian site in fact specifies a date of July 29, 2009. Here’s the summary: The excitement of “After [...]

Angel #19: Aftermath #2 Released Today

Angel #19, the second issue of the Aftermath arc, was released today. Here’s how IDW describes it: As Angel and the remaining survivors from their sojourn to Hell attempt to rebuild their lives and find purpose once again, they must also contend with the threat of a vengeful Lord, a mysterious cat-changer and a winged [...]

Preview for Angel #19

Over at Comics Continuum today they have posted a preview for Angel #19, the second part of the Aftermath storyline that follows the epic After the Fall. Written by Kelley Armstrong and illustrated by Dave Ross, this issue is due in stores next week.

Summary for Buffy: Season 8: Predators and Prey Trade Paperback

Over at, an entry has appeared for the fifth Buffy: Season 8 trade paperback. This one is set to collect issues #21-25, as well as the two MySpace Dark Horse Presents stories (Harmony Bites and Vampy Cat Play Friend). Right now the site is showing a release date of September 15th (which probably means [...]

Solicitation Details for Buffy: Season 8: Tales of the Vampires

Dark Horse has posted solicitation info for June 2009 comics on their site. The ongoing Buffy: Season 8 title takes a break for the month, and in its place we get a new incarnation of Tales of the Vampires. Summary and cover art for this one-shot, which is due on June 3rd, are below. In [...]