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Sending Out Some Web Programming Love

You’ve probably seen this effect on certain websites: clicking on an image thumbnail will load up the full size picture within a translucent frame that overlays the current page. One such example is the IDW site, which I’ve obviously been visiting a lot lately.

It turns out that this functionality is quite easily implemented thanks to some great packages of code that are available. The original script is something called Lightbox, which has inspired a number of other products. The one that I’ve decided to use is Christophe Beyls’ Slimbox 2. To make things even easier, Greg Yingling has created a plugin, WP-Slimbox2, that implements Slimbox 2 within a WordPress blog (such as this news page!). Try it out by clicking on any of the images in posts below. Multiple images within the same post are easily flipped through using the displayed links or your left/right keyboard arrows.

I’ll next roll out this functionality for timeline entries, so that large cover images will be displayed this way instead of in separate pop-up windows — which is just so passé. :)

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